Construction Management

Equis Energy’s construction engineers and professionals provide comprehensive design, procurement and construction services. Equis Energy’s geographic reach, combined with our experience across all renewable energy platforms, allows us to respond quickly and expertly to a wide range of project challenges.

The key advantages of Equis EPCM services include:

  • Land Expertise: In each country Equis employs experienced local land experts to procure and perfect the use of land for optimal energy yields.
  • Grid Analysis: Equis Energy engineers typically have experience working with local power grid operators. This provides Equis with valuable insight into grid capacity and availability.
  • System Design: Equis experts produce preliminary designs in-house; this reduces development time and ensures maximum yield via optimum asset layout.
  • Equipment Procurement and Construction Management: Equis utilises its industry knowledge and economies of scale to optimise procurement and construction costs. Across the Asia-Pacific region, Equis is one of the largest customers for tier 1 solar and wind equipment suppliers, major international and domestic construction contractors and local civil contractors.