Operation & Maintenance

Equis Energy’s Operations and Maintenance Services (O&M) boost operating efficiency, reduce downtime, mitigate risk, widen competitive edge, maximize performance and increase profitability. Equis Energy O&M includes industry-standard O&M services, reporting, monitoring, and importantly, in-country and cross-regional data analysis and risk mitigation. Equis Energy’s O&M services leverage our geography- and sector-specific expertise across the region to address requirements and challenges and maximize operational performance.

Equis Energy differentiates itself from third party O&M contractors with the following:

  • The experience and available staff numbers of Equis Energy local management often exceeds that of third party contractors.
  • Local management are permanent staff and are more motivated with respect to the Assets relative to short- to medium-term contractors.
  • Equis Energy currently monitors all Asset operations from a central facility in Bangalore and also monitors each country’s Assets from local monitoring facilities, providing Equis Energy with immediate information regarding Asset performance. The Equis Energy monitoring teams are also undertaking important data analysis with respect to Assets which information may be utilised for the benefit of all Assets across the region.
  • Equis Energy is motivated to resolve O&M issues immediately give a potential loss of revenue. Most third party O&M contractors have resolution periods of at least three (3) days and possibly longer depending on the issue and the availability of spare parts before liquidated damages arise.
  • Equis Energy can create spare part inventories for all of its Assets within a country, thereby providing the benefits of pooling and scale. A third party O&M contractor may be more focused on spare parts management for an individual site depending upon its level of business within the country.